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  • August 21, 2019
  • Wednesday, 12:54 PM

Kids Quran Education

Why Providing Quran education to your kids is necessary?. Strength of each and everything lies in its roots. For Example , If the basement of a building is powerful , the building would be most likely be powerful and consistent as compared to the others , If the roots of a tree are well extended in the earth , the stem and the whole tree would have more capacity to resist in the winds and floods. Coming towards the main topic , If we would provide Holy Quran education to our kids as soon as possible , their personality would be much attractive and they would be confident and their Iman would be much better and strong. 

Kids Quran Learning academies are there to provide Quran classes to your kid , We are proud to offer these services. Holy Quran is a noble book which every one in this world has an obligation to follow. Neglecting the Holy Quran would result in Hell while accepting it and following it would lead us towards Heaven. 

It’s a fact that kids do whatever their parents would let them do. If they wanna make their kids Quran literate and provide them such environment, their kids will have a keen interest in religion throughout their life. 

Our aim is to spread the teachings of islam and provide quran education to kids and adults all over the world, to make them able to recite holy Quran well with correct accent and tajweed and let them understand the teachings of Holy Quran. For this purpose is serving for last 2 years and is proud that a number of kids have learnt to recite the Holy Quran. We are offering lowest charges so that every muslim brother/sister can benefit from online quran learning and can provide quran classes to his/her kids too, These charges hardly meet our expenses but we haven’t any regret because we are sure that Allah Almighty will inshallah give us some reward. To register yourself to take a free trial of 3 classes , Register yourself Thankyou for reading. May Allah Bless you all .