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  • August 21, 2019
  • Wednesday, 12:52 PM

Online Quran Teaching

Technology has made it easy to learn and teach Quran through Internet to all over the world. As compared to the conventional way of Quran learning, Online teaching is quite easy, effective and available to everyone. Anyone having an internet connectivity can start learning holy Quran today from our qualified tutors. Due to the Audio and video conversation, classes become live and interactive and Our experienced staff makes it easy and interesting. 

Our Quran Tutors
For Online Quran classes , Special training is given to the tutors to make them able to handle the students through internet. Most experienced teachers are hired for this holy task. Most of our teachers are hafiz-e-quran and have strong command on teaching kids to learn Quran. One to one classes are carried out during online Quran learning which really helps a lot in improving the kid as fast as possible. 

Conventional Vs Online Teaching
Online Method of teaching exhibits a number of advantages as compared to the conventional teaching methods. 

For Conventional way of teaching, Both the student and the teacher should be at the same place. So whenever you/your kid is away from your home, you can’t attend the lecture and you waste your time. While if you were taking lessons from Online Quran Tutors, you would be able to take the class from any corner of the world if internet is available. It doesn't make difference to us. You can take class from where-ever you want.

Assigning Most Appropriate Tutor
According to the age and gender of the kid, We try to provide the most suitable teacher for your kid. We are proud to provide Female Quran teachers to our sisters. Our female tutors are as much qualified and experienced as our male staff. Now you can choose that whether you want a female teacher for your kid or a male teacher.

Why Kids Learn Fast through Online Lessons
Scientific research shows that kids show more interest towards the internet alternative of some product or service. Kids who take online quran lessons feel comfortable and take keen interest in the lesson(Our Teachers handle the kid with affection and care) and that is the only reason due to which they learn fast. Quality screen sharing and audio conversational software keeps the lesson smooth and interesting.

Finally , Online quran teaching is the most appropriate and effective way to spread the teachings of holy quran and its even more than easy for the parents to provide quran education to their kids as compared to the conventional way of quran learning. 
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